K J Engineering - Bale Cleaning Machine

Bale Cleaning Machine

KJ BRAND OF BALE OPEN & CLEANING MACHINE offers the following features towards better opening, cleaning and micro dust removal, which helps the mills to produce high quality contamination free yarn. The scope of supply includes an optional conveyor arrangement with imported gear box attachment, which enables us to pick out the contamination when the material is moving.

More than 300 machines have been sold both in India & Abroad. Our machine is time tested both for its performance and maintenance and has demostrated well both in India and Abroad. This can be seen from our customer list, which includes EOUs leading exporting mills as wee as ginning factories.

K J Engineering - Bale Cleaning Machine

Main Features

  • he bale Cotton is opened into very small tufts WITHOUT ANY FIBRE DAMAGE.
  • Because of gentle action in Beaters, there is No NEP FORMATION, STABLE LENGTH DAMAGE & STRENGTH FROP.This has been confirmed with studies.
  • One bale can be opened in JUST 10 MINUTES. Production capacity is 1000 KGS/HOUR.
  • Because of opening up into very small tuf size, 60% OF LABOUR IS SAVED
  • Contaminated and Foreign Materials like BLACK NEPS, STONES, SEEDS, METALS, JUTE etc are removed and collected fully. This helps to PREVENT FIE in blow room.
  • This machin is ideal for mixing any numbers of cotton and manmade fibres.
  • Even IMPORTED COTTON BALE can be opened into uniform small tufts in our machine.
  • The fine opening of cotton also ensures UNIFORM MIXING of cotton and BETTER YAN QUALITY.
  • This MACHINE IS MOBILE and can be shifted easily.
  • The KJ BRAND bale opener is absolutely MAINTAINANCE FREE.
  • Our KJ OPEN & CLEANING MACHINE is a very good choice for opening & cleaning the bale before feeding to Main Line Machines in the blow room and carding.